An audio WebComponent to provide timecoded links and other features to an audio tag

This project is maintained by dascritch

This is a primitive live chapters editor for CPU-Audio, helping you to build link in page for your website, blog, CMS, etc.

Some functions are still pissing, this is only a proof of concept

Your browser DOESN'T support WebComponent fairly enough.

Following examples are not fully functionnal, as the interface is not shown and the browser display its native player. This is intentional.
Only the hash-links functions works.

Configure Edit chapters Generated HTML Generated MarkDown Generated DokuWiki Generated WebVTT

Copy and paste this HTML code :


Copy and paste this MarkDown code :


Copy and paste this Wiki code :


Save this in a .vtt file :


Then insert a <track kind="chapters" default src="…"> tag reffering it in your <audio control> tag

CPU Audio webcomponent

Crafted with ♥ from Toulouse, France, for CPU radio show